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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Write It

INSIGHT - a monthly newsletter will be available on this site for all subscribers to view.

This will be a newsletter discussing various topics of interest in the field of Behavioral Profiling Through Written Communication
and it's supporting psychology.

Our intention is to give insight to our subscribers by answering the age old questions we all have about ourselves, our partner of interest, children, parents, in-laws, employers and/or employees.


1. All subscibers who would care to have their limited profile published, anonymously (i.e. J.T. Denver, CO), are encouraged to send in their own handwriting samples by email or regular mail, and the samples of their current romantic interests, current or former partner, family members, etc.

2. In order to satisfy nationally accepted standards and ethics, subscribers must add the following statement on each sample of handwriting submitted for a profile:

This is a sample of my handwriting and I would like a limited profile peformed by Ron Rice and/or Donita Capilli. I am 18 year of age or older and grant Ron Rice of Checkmate Forensic Services complete permission to publish the profile and/or answers to the questions presented. (Your signature)

3. When submitting the handwriting of another person, the subscriber must add the following:

This is a sample of the handwriting of_______________. S/he is (relationship to the subscriber) to me. S/he is aware that I am submitting his/her handwriting for a limited profile. S/he is 18 years of the age or older. S/he grants Ron Rice of Checkmate Forensic Services complete permission to publish the limited profile and/or answers to the questions presented (if the person is a minor the parent has to state that s/he (the parent) grants permission). (Your signature)

Subscribers who allow anonymous publication of their profiles and/or answered questions will not be charged for this service.

It is our intention is to encourage not discourage subscriber participation. Therefore, subscribers can rest assured that nothing offensive or of an embarrassing personal nature will be presented to our readers.

Should any personal/private concerns be detected, they will be presented only to the subscriber in complete confidence.

Each month certain select samples from those sent in will be chosen to be profiled and discussed in the newsletter.


The contents of the newsletter reflects the views of Ron Rice of Checkmate Forensic Services acquired through extensive study and practical experience in the field under discussion.

The newsletter is designed to provide educational and instructional information on the subject matter covered.

However, it is provided with the understanding that the author, editor, and publisher are not engaged in rendering legal, medical, accounting, or other professional services. If legal and/or other professional advice or other professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person in their appropriate field should be sought.

The author, editor, and publisher disclaim any responsibility for personal loss or liability caused by utilization of any information presented herein

No part of the newsletter may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of the author except in the case of brief quotations emboded in reviews and articles.

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