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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Write It

Due to the many positive comments received from visitors to WCW, Ron Rice has decided to continue to post newspaper stories about the horrors women can and do experience from certain predators and deviants who prowl the online sites. Ron Rice is not surprised at the shock, disappointment and anger expressed by certain women who have naively believed that online dating was confidential and safe. This, of course is what the online predator is counting on. Please take care and do not allow this to happen to you, your family members or friends. When in doubt, contact Ron Rice.


November 1, 2006 - Associated Press release printed in the Boston Herald Daily Newspaper

SAN BRUNO, Calif. The lonely, divorced carpenter thought he was going to Brazil to make wedding plans. Instead he was drugged and held captive for six days at his fiancee's home while she and another man emptied his bank accounts, according to Brazilian authorities. Then they drove the 56 year-old victim to a vacant lot, where they strangled him with copper wire, doused his body with fuel, and set it on fire investigators say.

Authorities found Raymond Merrill's charred body in April. Now, the woman he believed was his betrothed is under arrest, along with a man suspected of helping to kill him. Merrill met Regina Filomena Rachid last year THROUGH AN ONLINE DATING SERVICE. They exchanged dozens of calls, e-mails and photographs. Rachid was 41, from an upper middle-class family. The warning signs were obvioius to Merrill's friend (Bill Rauch) of nearly 30 years. Merrill GAVE Rachid $10,000 to start a skin care clinic and BOUGHT her a $20,000 sport utility vehicle. SHE COMPLAINED IT WASN'T A FANCIER, MORE EXPENSIVE MODEL, Rauch said.

"I said, 'Ray, these are so many red flags. I can't believe you're pursuing this.' " Rauch said. "He'd say, 'She's just a passionate and emotional Latina.' What do you say to a guy like that?" Rachid and her alleged hitman are now in custody, charged with armed robbery followed by death. Another alleged accomplice - Rachid's real boyfriend - was questioned by police in early October but was released under a Brazilian law that says no one can be arrested in the days immediately before and after an election, investigators said. NOW HE CANNOT BE FOUND.

November 6, 2006 - Boston Herald Newspaper

HAMPTON FALLS, N.H. Police are investigating complaints of ONLINE DATING FRAUD, saying scam artists stole thousands of dollares from TWO WOMEN who thought they had a romantic relationship. Police said a woman who met a man ONLINE in 2002 through Yahoo Personals LOANED him $109.000 over a year for an alleged trucking business. He didn't repay the money and the woman hasn't heard from him. This spring, another woman began e-mailing a man she met through an ONLINE DATING SERVICE. He told her he was a U.S. citizen working in Nigeria. She sent him $10.000.

WARNING: Before you become a victim of online fraud why not contact Ron Rice and at least attempt to determine if the person you are communicating with online is sincere or a fraud. I am sure that the above mentioned victims would have been provided with enough information to rethink their actions and, hopefully, avoided the danger they unwillingly subjected themselves too.

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