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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Write It

It is reasonable to assume that most men and women understand the crime of rape. It is also reasonable to assume that most men and women may not have a clear understanding as to how criminals think, feel and respond, sexually, toward women. Hopefully, the following will offer some (limited) scientific insight into this heinous and violent crime.

Doctor Stanton E. Samenow's book - Inside the Criminal Mind - offers certain reasons why criminals commit rape. '...As Dr. Ann Burgess, a pioneer in research on rape victimization, pointed out, rape is "an act of aggression and violence, motivated primarily by power or anger, rather than by sexuality." It is an attempt to subjugate another human being and offers a challenge to get away with the forbidden. One criminal commented that if society legalized rape, he would have no interest in it. The rapist does not necessarily hate women, nor is he sexually deprived. In fact, he may regularly have sex with a girlfriend or spouse and still rape.

An analysis published in a Washington, D.C., newspaper recounted some of the current theories about rape. One is that "these men are sadists and really seek to punish women." Another is that the rapist lacks self-esteem and believes that no decent woman would have intercourse with him. A third theory is that rape is "a symbolic attack on the aggressor's own parents - particularly the mother." People who rape are irresponsible in other ways and are likely to have committed other kinds of crimes even though they may not have been caught for them.

Rape is just one expression of their attempt to dominate others, to seek excitement in the forbidden, and to build themselves up. There is no attempt to punish women, nor does the offender believe that a nice woman wouldn't have sex with him. In fact, he believes that he is irresistible to all women. At stake in a rape is the criminal's affirmation of his image of himself as powerful and desirable. The assailant believes that his victim already wants him or will want him once she gives him a chance. Her attempts to ward him off only heighten his excitement. Then he tries to reduce her to a quivering, pleading speck of humanity and helps himself to what he believes was rightfully his from the start. Brute force is rarely necessary because intimidation works.

Sex crimes may grow increasingly bizarre as the criminal searches for more and more excitement. Even rapes can grow routine to a man who has committed scores of them. Such a person may become bolder and more sadistic, as in the case of a young man who abducted a woman at knife point and dragged her off to an apartment where he tore of her clothes, lashed her to a bed, paraded around naked, leering and cursing, masturbated until he ejaculated all over her, terrorized her for another hour, and finally thrust himself upon her for intercourse. Does such a person hate his victim? Often he does not even know her. Is he acting out of an unconscious, long-smoldering hatred against some other woman in his life, perhaps his mother? One could always speculate this to be the case. But then what of the thousands of people who suffered rejecting and inconsistent mothers, crueler than his, but who resolved their resentments differently?"

NOTE: No doubt certain women will disagree or may even be offended by the text obtained from Dr. Samenow's book. Please remember, Ron Rice did not write the book, he is only quoting certain pages from this book that should be found in the library of every student of human behavior.

This would be a tremendous opportunity for women to email with their comments, case histories, support issues, etc., for a viable and healthy personal and/or on line discussion. Also, understand that your contributions may be of considerable value to victims who choose to remain silent and faceless. Certain of these silent victims now have a site where they can communicate with others and obtain support and understanding of value to WOMEN (that remains) CONFIDENTIAL (from around the) WORLD .

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