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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Write It

Answers to your questions and FYI facts regarding Behavioral Profiling Through Written Communication will be presented on this page

1.   Q: What is the basis of handwriting analysis?  

    RR: My work is based on extensive European and American graphoanalytic training, forensic fieldwork, and an academic curriculum approved and licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

2.   Q: Is handwriting analysis based on some crystal ball-style New Age theory?
      RR: Absolutely not. Ancient Greeks and Romans saw the individuality and relevance of studying handwriting strokes. In 2002 the U.S. (NY?) Department of Justice published the results of their extensive study of handwriting. The data showed without question the truth of the basic premise of handwriting analysis: everyone’s everyone's handwriting is unique. In fact, it showed that handwriting samples could provide the identity of individuals writers with the same degree of accuracy ( 98% ) as fingerprinting.

Currernt graphoanalytic theory was studied and written down in the early part of the 20th century.  

3.   Q: What is handwriting analysis used for?

       RR: Handwriting analysis is a fascinating tool. It can be used for many, many different purposes, everything from proving that someone tampered with a will to proving that they were capable, at a particular time, of committing murder.   
Lawyers often use handwriting analysis formally or informally in jury selection, in order to get  a better understanding of the tendencies of the prospective jury pool. It is invaluable for proving fraud and forgery. I've been frequently hired to prove and testify that the person who says they signed a piece of papper....didn't.

In the Brooke Shields stalker case, a man had been stalking her and writing letters to her. There was no question about his identify, but there was a question as to his potential to be a danger to the actress. I was hired by Miss Shields' attorneys to evaluate the stalker's potential. And in fact, his handwriting showed a considerable potential for violence. The attorneys used my report to prosecute the stalker. 

4.  Q: Why is this site for women, not men? 
     RR: Women often have a large network of relationships: marriage, children, neighbors, co-workers, friends, acquaintances. But how many women do you know who are "handicapped", so to speak, by feeling they always have to accommodate others, listen to others, accomodate others, look out for others. This social training can oftten make it difficult for women, more than men, to see things clearly. And as a result, they can be gullible, too ready to believe the other person. 

Handwriting analysis won't replace knowledge or even your gut instinct, but it will help you see the truth of the matter. It is a unique was of achieving insight.One of my clients said: “I learned more about my marriage in five minutes with you than in five years with a marriage counselor. ”