Terror (continued)

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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Write It

Female terrorist (identified) note in a school
These disturbed women enjoy the horror and pain they inflict on others.

There are many local organizations or different sites on-line where men and women can search for a compatible partner for whatever is of interest to them.

Should you meet a person of interest - Ron Rice recommends you obtain at least a three paragraph handwritten sample from him/her (the more provided the better), and submit it along with a sample of your own handwriting for at least a compatibility profile.

Most importantly, provide up to 20 questions regarding your concern for Ron Rice and/or Donita Capilli to answer.

Once this is accomplished, a dictated response on a cassette will be provided. Upon listening to what Ron Rice and/or Donita Capilli has to say, the client is encouraged to submit up to ten additional questions for Ron and/or Donita to answer at no additional charge.

This all-inclusive service is more rewarding than spending multiple thousands of dollars, not to mention wasted months or years before you realize that you made a horrible mistake.

Ron Rice truly hopes the photographs presented will cause you and your family to be more selective in your responses to those you meet on line or in your own area.

Do not allow yourself or members of your family to become victims of sexual deviants or other types of dangerous predators.

If Ron Rice and/or Donita Capilli can be of any further assistance to you, feel free to contact us at any time.