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It's Not What You Say, it's How you Write It

Women send hate mail as well
The receipient suffered extreme mental duress resulting in loss of work - the author was identified

A local or on-line terrorist, whether male or female, must be considered dangerous and capable of following through with their threats until apprehended and prosecuted.

Should you or any member of your family receive any form of terroism document, contact Ron Rice immediately for suggestions on how to proceed with profiling the perpetrator and police involvement.

Never dismiss terrorism as a prank. The terrorist who takes the time to create a terror document is not wasting his or her time as a joke.


S/he is intent on tormenting and/or harming you or members of your family.

Once the terrorist TARGETS you, s/he WILL NOT STOP until s/he is stopped.

The terrorist will watch your response and if the response is not satisfying enough, s/he will escalate the harassment until the desired effect is obtained.

Deranged male terrorist targeting a high school
What will he do to his girlfriend or wife when she upsets him?