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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Write It

Handwriting of Dangerous Pedophiles

Polite and caring without any sexual intimacy
Mother should notice if there is inappropriate attention to her minor children

You could become involved with a pedophile and not know it until it is too late. A man of interest who does everything for you but provide sexual intimacy could be suffering from a legitimate medical/psychological condition.

If it is determined, by qualified/licensed medical/psychological experts that there is not a medical/psychological reason and he appears to want to spend more than an appropriate amount of time with your minor child, you may be inadvertently involved with a pedophile.

Clever, calculating and dangerous for your family
They are skilled in convincing the mother of their love while targeting her children

- ! WARNING ! -

Do not ATTEMPT to compare a person's handwriting with this sample in order to determine if s/he is a pedophile.

Should you have a legal reason to determine if a person of interest has pedophilic tendencies, contact Ron Rice in order for Ron to assist you.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PERFORM THIS TASK ON YOUR OWN or you may cause irreparable harm to another as well as open yourself up to CRIMINAL/CIVIL action by the offended person and his/her immediate family.