Death Threat & Sexual Harassment

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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Write It

Photograph of actual anonymous death threat correspondence from a "best friend."

His motive? Jealousy.

Mr. Rice, will this person kill me?
Author identified. Victim stated: "Oh my God! I thought he was my best friend."

Photographs Of Weekly Terror Correspondence From An Anonymous Dangerous Sexual Pervert/Stalker

- Anonymous Until Ron Rice Identified Him -

This pervert caused Jane unspeakable terror
Mr. Rice will he rape and kill me? Please help me identify this person

Second anonymous letter.
Sexual pervert is identified - A married father of three and a high school teacher

Sexual predators are all around us. Many are right in your own home town.

When communicating or first meeting with a partner of your choice, obtain at least a three (3) paragraph handwritten sample from him.

Handwriting samples are often obtained from a person of interest by simply ASKING him or her for one. Many men consider having their handwriting analyzed is akin to palm reading and will just provide a sample to accomodate the requesting party.

Be sure to instruct the man to write out (cursive) at least three paragraphs. He can copy something out of a book, newspaper or just write about himself.

Be sure to emphasize a minimum of three (3) paragraphs or you could wind up with a handwriting sample that simply reads: "hi".

Most women love to have their handwriting analyzed and provide a sample willingly.

Contact Ron Rice and/or Donita Capilli for information on how to determine if the person of interest is compatible with you and, most importantly, capable of verbal/physical abuse, extreme sexual and/or violent potential.

Remember, this could happen to you, your daughter or other female members of your family.