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It's Not What You Say, it's How You Write It

Explosive, physically violent & vindictive
He will control your every movement. Violate his authority and you will experience his hostilities

Handwriting sample of a dangerous stalker
Vindictive, abusive, verbally/physically dangerous. Yes, he will love you all the way to the ER

These handwritten/hand printed documents were authored by two individuals who could not tolerate "their woman" resisting their control.

The typical method of intimidation would be escalating verbal abuse and physical violence.

These men initially project a warm, kind and accomodating nature. It is only a matter of time before they resort to their norm and their true hostility patterns begin to emerge.

It is not uncommon for their women to frequently visit the Emergency Room.

A man like this could be around the corner searching for you, your daughter or other female family members.

When in doubt, contact Ron Rice and/or Donita Capilli for assistance.