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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Write It

I am here for you!
Ron Rice Clinical/Forensic Profiler

Here's what our clients are saying.

"Ron Rice is the greatest handwriting examiner in the country."
R. F., M.D. Westwood, MA

"There is no other. Ron is number one."
K.S. Hingham, MA

"If you want to know anything about the behavior of your partner, speak to Ron Rice. He can tell you more in ten minutes than you'll ever find elsewhere."
A.I. Randolph, MA

"I have never met a man like Ron Rice in my entire life. His insight is unbelievable."
Y.F. New York

"Ron Rice is the Guru of handwriting examination."
J.S. Santa Clara, CA

"I was completely stunned over the accuracy of Ron Rice's profile. He is amazing. I highly recommend him to anyone in crisis."
P. H. St. Petersburg, FL