Professional Fees

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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Write It


a. Recorded profile and the added bonus of Ron Rice responding to twenty (20) personal questions and then a follow up ten (10) questions - all inclusive charge: $175.00.

b. One hour telephone/conference profile discussion: $175.00.

c. Written profiles are only performed for Human Resource officials or other corporate official. Fees negotiated.

d. Guest appearances negotiated.


A. Basic BPWC: $995.00

1. 9 Lessons

2. 3 examinations

3. Months of study: 3 months depending on study habits and background

4. Earning potential: $50.00 per 3 page profile.

B. Clinical BPWC: $1495.00

1. 18 lessons

2. 6 comprehensive examinations

3. Years of study: 1.5 years depending on study habits and background

4. Earning potential: $150.00 per three page personal profile. $500.00 per three page personal profile regarding compatibility. $1500.00 for a standard comprehensive profile consisting of employment, marriage/relationship, juvenile, in-law, co-worker, etc., profiles

C. Basic Hypnotherapy: $995.00

D. Advanced/Clinical Hypnotherapy: $1495.00


All education, training and certification is conducted through Checkmate Forensic Handwriting Examiners.

Enrolled students are mentored exclusively by Ron Rice.

All distance learning courses are approved and the school licensed through the MA Dept. of Higher Education (as a corrrespondence school - License No.: 961031C) and require, by MA Law, an approved Dept. of Higher Education AGREEMENT to protect the rights of the student.


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E. Forensic Behavioral Profiling Through Written Communication

Enrollment in this highly coveted training will be considered upon successful completion of the Basic and Clinical Profiling Courses.

Forensic Profiling is not for the faint of heart. Students will receive specialized education and training in stroke structures suggesting potential for crimes of violence.

1. 18 Lessons

2. 6 comprehensive examinations

3. Years of study: 1 - 1.5 years depending on study habits and background

4. Students will be required to satisfy reading requirements of multiple (library) books involving various acts of criminal behavior and submission of book reports and thesis.

5. All inclusive tuition: $1495.00

6. $500.00 down payment is required and a monthly budget payment of the outstanding balance in the amount of $100.00

7. A state approved AGREEMENT will be presented as required by MA Law.

F. Forensic Handwriting Examination

Forensic Handwriting Examination education, training and certification is for students interested in becoming a self -employed, independent Forensic Examiner accepting independent work assignments from law firms, insurance companies, corporations, law enforcement, state and federal courts and the private sector.

Students will be educated and trained performing forensic examinations of authors of alleged suicide letters, death threat, embezzlement, extortion, blackmail, sexual, religious, ethnic and racial harassment/anonymous documents. Also, allegations of forged wills, deeds, checks, and othe legal documents.

Students will be carefully educated and trained in court preparation and testimony in order to successfully prepare them for court appearance, court qualification and testimony.

1. 45 lessons

2. 15 examinations

3. Years of study: 2 - 3 years depending on study habits
and background

4. Earning potential: $185.00 per hour. $1500 - $2000.00 retainer.

5. Typical earning fee per investigation resulting in court preparation, appearance and testimony: $3500.00 - $10,000.00+

6. All inclusive tuition: $4995.00

7. $500.00 down payment, budget payments and state approved AGREEMENT as required by MA Law

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