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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Write It

We are a full-service investigative and handwriting profiling and examination organization, with a number of specialities.

What story will these letters tell about him/her?
What will they tell about you? Curious? Ask Ron or Donita!

Background Investigations

Basic/limited profiles

Clinical/advanced profiles

Forensic profiles

Distance learning education, training and certification in Basic, Clinical and Forensic profiling and/or Forensic Handwriting Examination

Distance learning education, training and certification in Basic, Clinical and Forensic Hypnotherapy

Civil and/or criminal handwriting examinations for court appearances

Employment analysis

Consultant to the media

Speaking engagements

Questions Frequently Asked By Our Women Clients

Is s/he physically abusive?

Is s/he critical, sarcastic, abusive?

Is s/he a liar?

Is s/he sexually exciting?

Is s/he sexually compatible with me?

Is s/he a danger to my children and/or family?

Is s/he an addictive personality?

Whatever your questions, his/her and/or your own handwriting will provide the answers.


Clinical and/or forensic profiles will only be performed when a reasonable amount of handwritten/hand printed correspondence authored by your person of interest as well as handwritten samples authored by you are received.

Handwriting/hand printing is public record. It is not an invasion of one's privacy to have their handwriting analyzed. However, it is our policy to only perform an analysis of another's handwriting/hand printing if the requested party has a legitimate reason/interest in requesting this service.

Basically, your interest in the person who works at the local mall, out of prying curiosity, will not be honored.

In order to satisfy national professional ethics and standards, clients requesting a profile on another will have to provide a cover letter stating their relationship to the person to be profiled and the reason for the request.


Behavioral Profiles Through Written Communication are performed upon receipt of the original correspondence for analysis and the agreed upon fee (see price list) for professional services.

All clients are advised to list up to twenty (20) questions of concern for Ron Rice and/or Donita Capilli to answer.

All clients will receive a recorded (cassette tape) profile so that s/he will have the ability to listen over and over to Ron and/or Donita's comments at their convenience.

Client is then advised, if they feel it important, to submit an additional ten (10) questions for Ron and/or Donita to answer.

There is no additional charge for this follow up service. It is our pleasure to accomodate our clients and insure their satisfaction.