Deranged Stalkers

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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Write It

The following pages contain photographs of actual letters sent to certain of our female clients from certain men and women who were investigated by Ron Rice and found to be either deviants, sexually dangerous, stalkers, terrorists or pedophiles. 

[REVISED  Whenever you establish contact with a stranger via the internet or otherwise, you risk opening the door to a dangerous individual -- as well as potentially to a healthy new relationship. How can you tell the difference? If after an initial contact you feel you would like to pursue a relationship, consider obtaining a handwriting sample for examination from the person of interest. 
Submit it, along with a sample of your own handwriting, to Ron Rice for a professional evaluation and/or a compatibility profile. 

The following photographs of actual stalking/harassment letters are intended to emphasize, with the obvious documentation, that certain dangers with on-line or local dating certainly do exist

The following two photographs clearly reveal escalating emotions of hatred and threats of violence against a woman who tried to end a relationship with her former boyfriend. She did not know how dangerous, deranged, violent and vindictive he was until her local police department called Ron Rice for assistance .

But he said he loved me!
A page of stalking correspondence from disturbed "love of her life."

A to do list in preparation of killing her
The boyfriend advised Ron Rice: "How dare she leave me! The bitch will pay!"

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