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THe following are porrtions of letters received from women seeking assistance from Ron Rice:  [REVISED from help]

Dear Ron: I found this in my daughters room.
She refuses to talk about it and claims I am weird. What does the handwriting tell you? Please help
Dar Mr. Rice: My son is 14 and left this in his
He has become hostile and abusive toward me and his sister. He is fixated on guns and violent video

These photographs of actual correspondence authored by adults and children offer valuable insight into their emotional responsiveness and behavior. WCW apologizes for the poor quality of the photographs. They were taken by Ron Rice.

How exactly can handwriting analysis help women deal better with people? as well as show through handwriting slant the introversion or extroversion of a person, and through handwriting pressure the responsiveness of a person. In other words, slant shows your response to the world around you, and pressure shows what you do with that degree of responsivness. traits?

Handwriting analysis can identify 112 different traits, from jealousy to procrastination, resentment, self-deceit, and enthusiasm. These are qualities that totally influence not only personal relationships but professional relationships. And your slant and pressure in turn influence the characteristics of character and personality. For example, your handwriting may show jealousy. But your slant and pressure do not indicate you are someone with strong, strong feelings, so that trait is probably less harmful in you than in someone who has extremely strong pressure, or depth of feeling. 

Why? Women develop, sustain, and depend upon a complex network of relationships in the family, the community, and at work. But no woman innately has the skills needed to accurately “read” all the components of that network. Handwriting analysis is a unique means of achieving insight into others. “I learned more about my marriage in five minutes with Ron than in five years with a marriage counselor,” remarked one of Rice’s clients.



Whether married or single, in or out of a relationship, wHESevere marital and interpersonal difficulties often leave women feeling isolated, helpless and extremely anxious. If you are involved in a stressful relationship, be assured that you are not alone.

Ron Rice, a licensed investigator and experienced forensic handwriting profiler and examiner and Donita Capilli, a certified clinical profiler, can provide you with unique insight into personalities and behaviors that are confusing, concerning or perhaps even frightening to you.


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